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Cage-free, spacious and cozy, your kitty will enjoy his own living space with lots of things to climb, snuggly sleeping places, big windows and an outdoor catio!

All guests are offered Playtime & Purr-time each day...a chance to play and get their exercise...and a chance to cuddle-up on a friendly lap for gentle pets. Each cat is treated as the unique, special individual he is and is never forced to do anything not to his liking! We do our best to minimize the stress of being away from home, even providing "hiding places" for shy kitties.

You are welcome to visit us to tour the facility...please call or email for an appointment.

eMail: info@InGoodHandsCatCare.com
Voice: 424.465.1707 (Preferred) 253.927.4482 (Also available)

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(c) In Good Hands Cat Care Currently we offer a selection of Six Cottages for your special family member.
The Garden Cottage
The Kitty Condo
The Barn
The Bungalow
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180 Sq.Ft...more info!
90 SqFt...more info!
120 SqFt...more info!
155 Sq.Ft...more info!
The Beach House
Island Breeze
80 SqFt...more info!
100 SqFt...more info!
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