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Pricing Information
(c) In Good Hands Cat CareBoarding: Garden Cottage Kitty Condo The Barn The Bungalow
Single Cat
20.00/day 18.00/day 20.00/day 18.00/day
Two Cats
25.00/day 23.00/day 25.00/day 23.00/day
Three Cats
30.00/day 28.00/day 30.00/day 28.00/day
(c) In Good Hands Cat Care What's Included:
just about everything your cat needs to be happy and comfortable, except food.
We spacerprovide filtered water, dishes, litter boxes, toys, daily exercise and playtime, medication administration, and lots of gentle pets and love!
              (c) In Good Hands Cat Care
(c) In Good Hands Cat CareDiscount Packages:    
  10 or more days...10%  
  20 or more days...15%  
  Monthly/Senior Discounts Available
(c) In Good Hands Cat CarePayment: Payment is due at time of pick-up.
We currently accept: Cash, Checks or Money orders.
(c) In Good Hands Cat CareDeposits & Cancellations: Please ask about our policies.
(c) In Good Hands Cat Care Home Visits:
  35.00/ two visits per day    
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